This community was born as a result of The Daily Mirror, one of New York City's Newspapers. In 1929, the newspaper offered subscribers the opportunity to buy a 20 x 100-foot parcel of land in an undeveloped area  of Long Island in what is now Sound Beach. Buyers could purchase the land for $89.75 per lot with $12.50 as a down payment and $3.50 a month until it was paid off as long as they took a one-year subscription to the newspaper. A clubhouse was erected and entrusted to the community along with parklands and this began the formation of the Sound Beach Property Owners' Association (SBPOA). The association planned, developed, preserved and improved the community. SBPOA handled many of the functions now under the authority of the Town of Brookhaven Government. SBPOA built roadways, collected sanitation, had a police force and operated water pumps. Initially the community was primarily a summer community with most residents only living in the area during the summer months. People erected tents, built outhouses and began to construct homes on their property. Cottages were built which expanded into single family homes. Our community is filled with the great spirit and pride that people had in 1929 and continues with the primary community based groups which today include the Sound Beach Civic Association, the Sound Beach Fire Department, St Louis de Monfort Roman Catholic Church, and the Sound Beach Church.