Beach Rules

As a member of the SBPOA, you are entitled to the use of our beach facilities (East and West), lifeguard protected swimming area, swimming lessons for children, security personnel and our annual Field Day for members to socialize and enjoy. You also receive a reduced rate to use our clubhouse. As a member, you also gain a voice in decisions that affect our community, and an opportunity to serve on the board of directors.

Please abide by the following regulations regarding use of the beaches:

  • The facilities of this Association are maintained only through membership dues. Therefore only members and non-resident guests are permitted to use them. RESIDENTS OF SOUND BEACH WHO CHOOSE NOT TO BE MEMBERS CANNOT BE GUESTS ON YOUR TAGS.
  • Members are responsible for the actions of guests using their membership tags. Association has the right to revoke your membership if guests do not adhere to regulations or in any way misuse or abuse facilities.
  • Each household is a separate membership. Two family dwellings = two memberships.
  • Beach facilities are private year round, 24 hours a day and all rules apply at all times.
  • Carry in / Carry out. Please be a good steward of our beach parkland by bringing home any waste you create.
  • Please do not bring glass containers to the beach.
  • Be prepared to show your beach tag and identify yourself to the security guard at all times.
  • Roped off area is protected by qualified lifeguards. Swimming outside this designated area is at your own risk.
  • If no lifeguard is present on a particular day, all swimming is at your own risk.
  • Using cliffs as access to or exit from the beach is prohibited. It is not only dangerous, but environmentally damaging to the bluffs. Please inform children THE CLIFFS ARE OFF LIMITS as a play area.
  • Adhere to the whistle signals of the lifeguard or security person for safety and possible warning of a dangerous situation.
  • All boats, and other aquatic vehicles (such as jet-skis) must be AT LEAST 200 FEET from the roped area.
  • No dogs, or other pets are allowed from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.  During pet friendly hours, animals must be leashed and must be supervised at all times. Pet waste must be bagged and carried off the beach.

All members have equal rights and responsibilities to see that these regulations are adhered to for the safety and comfort of all. If you notice an infraction of these rules at any time, please remind the persons involved of the guidelines. If a security person is present, bring it to her/his attention.