Google Earth view of Sound Beach coastline

SBPOA Beach Access

Staircases to the Beaches and Kayak Racks

The map  shows the locations of the SBPOA staircases to the East and West Beaches. The staircases were built and are maintained by SBPOA and for members only 24/7 year round.

beach info

Water Quality

For the latest information on water quality testing results during the swimming season, please call the beach hotline at 631-852-5822 or visit the Suffolk County interactive map online at

The following are definitions of the water quality status notification terms: “Open”, “Advisory” and “Closed” according to the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS):

  • A beach status of "Open" indicates that water quality has been found to be acceptable for
  • bathing.
  • A beach status of "Advisory" indicates that an advisory has been issued in response to events such as heavy rainfall that may pose a risk to public health. Under advisories, swimming and other means of water contact are not recommended. Advisories are  typically issued for a 24-hour period to allow for sufficient tidal exchange to dilute any contamination that may be present.
  • A beach status of "Closed" indicates the beach has been closed due to a water quality criteria exceedance or the existence of a condition that may pose a risk to public health.

SCDHS provides the notifications and the testing as a “courtesy” and since we are a private beach, we are not required to comply. We pass on the notifications to our members and of course, it is up to each SBPOA member to decide how the notifications affect their decision to go in the water or not.