Regular Membership can be bought by clicking on "buy now" button below or by printing and mailing a membership form cost is $300 ($275 if paid before April 1st)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Beach Guards cannot accept payment for memberships. Partial or prorated memberships are not accepted at any time. ​Specially discounted memberships below must be mailed with a membership form:

  • Senior Membership* is $250 ($225 if paid before April 1) 
  • Volunteer Fireman, Active Military is $250  ($225, if paid before April 1) 
  • Senior membership ( require proof of age 65 or older)

mem form only 2018 (pdf)


 Membership is for the fiscal year January 1 through December 31 of the current year, independent of date membership dues are paid.  With your membership, you will get:.

The SBPOA Clubhouse

Membership provides for a discounted rental rate for our clubhouse facilities for your private parties. Make sure you click on the clubhouse tab to learn of all the amenities at the clubhouse.

Our Great Shorefront

With membership, you will receive 5 tags which are your credentials to access the beach. 

Kayak Racks

Members have the ability to secure a kayak storage rack space on our beach landing area.  Kayak storage racks are for members only on a first come first served basis as space allows and comes free with membership.  Please ensure that you clearly mark the membership application if you are interested in a kayak space.  You can e-mail us at for questions and inquiries pertaining to kayaks.  

Membership gives you beach rights for your family and out of town visitors.  Our parklands and access to the beach is part of a private community based organization that was established in 1929.  Beach access is through membership only and is private year round.The facilities of this Association are maintained only through membership dues. Therefore only members and non-resident guests are permitted to use them. RESIDENTS OF SOUND BEACH WHO CHOOSE NOT TO BE MEMBERS CANNOT BE GUESTS ON YOUR TAGS.The SBPOA is an organization entrusted with the care and maintenance of the beach, parkland and our clubhouse. We welcome new and renewing members.