The Board of Directors has been faced with safety issues related to the clubhouse.  In order to make educated decisions, AC&E Home Inspection Corp. was contracted to conduct a complete inspection and produced the Engineer’s Report attached below.  The priority issues are re-establishing the Fire Alarm, updating the Electrical System and eliminating the “sinkhole” in the front of the building.  These issues are currently being addressed. 

The Board has contracted with General Security Inc. to do the following services:

  • A NYS Licensed engineer will design and file a fire alarm system for the clubhouse with the Town of Brookhaven Fire Dept.
  • Engineer will fabricate floor plans and riser diagram and draw them for submission. Plans to show the entire building, all stairwells, rooms, closets, basements, crawl spaces, attic spaces, exit doors and all other spaces. All rooms and areas to be labeled for use.
  • Engineer will design sequence of operations.
  • Engineer will sign/seal plans.
  • Engineer will expedite inspection with the fire department.

The Board has contracted with Bass Electric Inc. to update, improve and repair existing electrical system.

Rocky Point cesspool has determined the reason for the “sinkhole” in front of the building and has been contracted to fill it.